Summer Shades

Thursday, 19 January 2012

What's with this freezing weather? Just as we all get lulled into spring like temperatures it goes so cold. As a way to keep my no spending January on track I pulled together some of my favourite summer-but-can-wear-in-winter clothes. Not only has having these at the top of my t-shirt pile stopped me from having a blind panic as to what to wear in the morning but it has been curbing my shopping urges, for time being at least! 
Tops from a selection - River Island, H&M, Warehouse & Anthropologie
I normally wear dark polish in winter and light in summer - but I've gone crazy and switched it up (wild I know!) 
Polishes - Barry M, Essie, OPI & Rimmel
 Of course everything is finished off with hand-made jewels - The icey blue one is a current favourite


  1. Great post - love the summer colours!

    Please come by Tulips&Tulle soon!

  2. Thanks so much! When you are on a shopping ban, its amazing what you can pull together from things you already have.


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