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Saturday, 7 January 2012

In the run up to Christmas I was asked by two girls at work to make necklaces for their mums (based on the necklace I made here). The requests were the same however, the colours couldn't have been more different; Sonia wanted bright and exotic and Kate wanted soft and feminine. It was great fun working at different ends of the colour spectrum and I got to use all my beads - what could be more fun? 
Exotic Vintage - Mood board & colour prep 
The finished piece - I used pinks, reds, corals, orange, amber and a touch of purple for good measure 
 Feminine with a twist - Kate wanted soft pearl colours, with a bit of Facebook stalking I added a dash of  smoke and amethyst
The finished piece - I used pearls and smokey lilacs throughout with mother of pearl to tie it all  together.
A close up of the final flowers - made using a mix of silk chiffon and beaded lace
If you have come across this blog and would like anything made, please drop me an email. I work to order so can create on request. 


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