Sunday, 8 January 2012

As usual I'm always a bit late with things, and taking down the Christmas tree was no exception. I finally got round to taking it down yesterday; whilst I was sad to see it go its quite nice to not dodge a tree everytime I need to get into a draw or get to the plug. I decided to have a re-shuffle of the bits I normally have on my fireplace, I cleared away all the old tealight holders, picture frames etc and put back only things I loved or missed (see rhino). It looks so much better, if a little girly for Dan but I'm sure he won't notice. 
The print was a Christmas present from my sister, the birds and candle holder I collected here and there and the eggs I collected on various holidays.
 Hello! I love this little rhino brought last year in Anthropologie
I had all this stuff tucked away in cupboards, I'm feeling quite smug that I haven't brought anything just moved it around.


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