A pretty good week

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Most weeks are normally OK or just a bit "meh" but this week has been a good one. If my stars are to be believed its because Neptune is in Pisces for the first time in 150 years which apparently means all my dreams will come true or something to that effect. 

I wanted to write down what happened as I am sure next week won't be as lucky. It started with our amazing wedding photographers Mckinley Rogers giving me a mention on their blog  (if you are looking for a wedding photographer, I can't recommend these guys enough, you'll feel like you've known them forever, they take amazingly natural photo's and if you're really lucky they'll bring their dogs too). 

The second thing that happened was I attended a blog workshop at the Apple Store in Covent Garden, hosted by the fabulous Angela Buttolph of Grazia. The workshop was great full of tips that I intend to start putting into practice asap, followed by a showing of our blogs. I was pretty petrified as there were so many professional looking blogs out there but she seemed to love it and saved it to her favourites (she didn't save anyone elses) - I did an internal squeal and harassed by best friend about it for the rest of the evening. 

Thirdly, a huge thanks to Victoria at vmac&cheese for featuring my DIY Prada-esque earrings on her Friday round up - I am hugely flattered! 

So thats been my great week, I might not get another so I am going to bask in my good fortune for another 24 hours before I have to come back to earth! 


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