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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

This is a somewhat random make but in the spirit of new years resolutions I have decided to post. In order to sort my finances I have decided to log what I spend, so I made a little receipt holder to help me keep track of my spending - its going to be a scary few months. When I first started working nearly 13 years ago I used to write down everything that I spent on a weekly basis, it kept me on track and never over spent so figured if I have done it before I can do again. 
I followed a tutorial in this book and used up existing craft supplies - you'll need a thin piece of A4 card,  6 envelopes, double sided tape, sellotape and a piece of thin ribbon
Trace round and envelope leave a 1.5cm gap, trace again and leave another 1.5cm gap, trace again but this time make the section about 4cm shorter than the envelope depth. 
Cut round the rectangular shape and fold along all lines.
Take your envelopes and stick down the flaps, open them along the top edge and stick a length of double sided on the back of each.
Stick your envelopes together forming 6 little pockets
You will then need to put double sided tape to the top and bottom of the front and back envelope. Stick onto the folded card.
Make a hole in the centre of the short flap, thread some ribbon through and fix over a tin piece of card and fix with sellotape. Wrap round your envelope twice and trim to length. 
Ta-da! Your mini file is ready to be used
It feels somewhat wrong yet so right to be so geeky!  


  1. This looks great!! I especially love the hot magenta wrapper with that neon yellow ribbon!

  2. This is so cute! Nice job. I think I'd actually want to file things if I made one of these...

  3. Thanks ladies - been so busy filing I haven't been onto blogger to reply to your comments. So glad I posted nearly kept this to myself! x


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