DIY - Pradaesque rose earrings

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I'm so excited to post this, I have been waiting to make these since last year and made the most of my quite weekend to put them together. They were surprisingly quick to make and have brought a much needed dose of summer to my black/grey winter wardrobe. Inspired by the below Prada advert I knew as soon as I saw them I wanted them to be mine or at least have a go at making them. I used beads I already had in my arsenal so they cost me nothing to put together - bonus! 
See tutorial below

You'll need some diamante chain, large-ish crystals, small rose beads and a selection of beading wire and    earring findings
I had pre-made my wire base (it was a circle but I squashed into a tear drop shape) If you can't make your own you should be able to pick up a tear drop shape in a bead/craft store. I cut my chain slightly larger than the length I needed and using a thin bead wire I wrapped the chain around the base. 
 I fastened by wrapping the wire tightly around the top section - make sure you don't over wrap or it will look too bulky. 
Using head pins (not shown in the top picture) I threaded and looped the head pins through my beads.
 Decide on the order you want your beads, like the picture I went for the roses at the top with the big crystals in the middle and link them all together. 
 Originally I was going to use earring hooks but these smaller earring stands looked better. Which ever you decide to use fix to top bead and you're done - go forth and be fabulous! 
 I intend to wear mine with grey and black plus a dash of leopard print for good measure. They have already made me dig out some old rings to wear with. 


  1. These are amazing - you are really talented!!


  2. wow I love this DIY! I am so bad about being creative but you make this look like I could pull this off! love it!

    love from San Francisco,

  3. Thank you so much for your comments - the always inspire me to keep going and making more...You can totally make these they really are easy. Lotts x

  4. These are so pretty-- I love how you interpreted Prada and used the roses
    xo Erin @

    1. Ahh thanks Erin, can't believe how well these have gone down. x


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