Little delight

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The good thing about last week's 'jet-setting'  is that now I'm back at home I get to enjoy all I have collected along the way. I kept this tiny ceramic box, brought at Catbird in Brooklyn wrapped up until tonight as I wanted to savour its dinky-ness. I have a real soft spot for a good bit of brown paper and ribbon  packaging, you can't beat it in my opinion.  


Monday, 28 November 2011

I've had a days holiday today, its great not working on a Monday! I'd like to say I was doing something really fun but I wasn't, I was clearing out a cupboard. It wasn't fun but it was hugely satisfying taking six bags of rubbish and an old shelving unit to the tip, I have spared you the photo's (no-one needs to see old  paint tins) but just as I made my celebratory cup of tea - look what happened outside my window. This rather heavenly view appeared I'd say its on par with super organised cupboard just more beautiful.  

Sorry for all the views of the wires and trainline, some things just can't be helped. 

Twinkle Twinkle

Friday, 25 November 2011

I have been a bit lax with blogging recently its hard to capture anything at night as it gets dark so early. I just took this whilst waiting to be picked up for a family trip to Bruges. Its my new favourite polish (brought here in NYC, obviously!). As its the beginning of sequin season, you can guarantee that I'll be wearing this until New Years Eve.

New York

It feels like ages ago now, but last weekend I visited friends in New York. I know its a cliche but I heart  New York, like Paris, it's a city that never gets boring. In fact once you've got the tourist stuff out the way you can really get to know the city. I didn't take many photos which is unusual but was so busy catching up with friends, eating and erm, shopping that I forgot! I could write a lengthy post on the food that I ate, It was all amazing, one morning I actually woke up thinking about the lobster mac'n'cheese I'd eaten the night before and don't even get me started on the Mexican food, I'll add the link once i've remembered the name. Here are some of the few photo's I took, they are from the Greenwich Village area, which is my favourite area to explore. 
First photo - Tree lined streets near Bleeker Street
Above - Pulled pork hash at Jeffery's
Cute heart shaped chair I spotted through a window

Nature & Neon

Monday, 14 November 2011

I saw this last week and it's been conjuring up all sorts of ideas. I love the quiet simplicity and combination of nature and neon of this image. I recommend visiting Sania Pell's super blog for more beautiful images like this. 
Image - Sania Pell

Doing nothing

Sunday, 13 November 2011

There are so many things that I should have done this weekend but I haven't; 1) Prepare for my upcoming trip to New York, 2) Make more jewellery for a Christmas fair,  3) Wedding stuff. Instead I've had afternoon naps and been out for some great dinners. I haven't had my camera with me this weekend to capture anything so I thought I'd share a few cozy pictures of my flat, being honest I doubt any of the above will be happening the rest of the evening.

A little wedding inspiration

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I have been meaning to write a wedding update post for a while but every time I start it just doesn't feel right. I think when you first start planning a wedding it's so over whelming you buy magazine's, get busy on blogs and get loads of advice from those that have already been there, but its gets too much and you freak out (well I do). My opinion is that it's your day (you and your fiance) so make it reflect that. Dan and I are completely different in some ways; I like to chatter on whilst he's happy to be quiet, Dan likes cycling, I refuse to get on a bike, I love DIY, Dan doesn't. Of course there are lots of things we like jointly; pets, laughing and dancing being the main ones. In celebration of our similarities and differences we have split our wedding jobs on the things that we love the most; I get to do the colours and Dan gets to do music, other big jobs such a choosing the venue and organising the caterers we've done together which reflects how our relationship works for us.

I thought I'd share some of my colour inspiration, my sister sent me a link to this artist. It pretty much shows all the colours that I am thinking of using, they're not twee or sickly and yes, there's more than three but I love love love them all so they're going to be used somewhere! 

Images - Lara Harwood

Beading by candle light

Monday, 7 November 2011

If you have read this blog before, or are a new visitor (hello!) and have decided to stick around, then I'm going to guess that like me you have a draw, hook or box of jewellery that you don't want to get rid of but don't want to wear either. I have put together an easy necklace using a combination of old necklaces to make a shiny new one. I have put a guide below, but there's no right or wrong just go with what you've got. 
To start, you'll need a mix of old beaded and chain necklaces a few additional jump rings and a lobster clasp. 

Decide how long you want your necklace - mine was about 44cm and how long you want the centre section to be. Measure three lengths of chain (the centre chain will be the true length of the centre section). These need to decrease in size by about 1cm each length, the longest chain needs to be the lowest, open a jump ring and thread the three lengths of chain, do the same with the other end. 
The perspex chain was already threaded so I cut to the length that I wanted and added to the jump ring. I finished with a small length of chain and a lobster clasp. 
I added the jewels to chain at the very end so that I could see how many I needed to get a layered effect. That's the beauty of this you can just make it up and see where you end up. 
The finished necklace
Sorry for the dark pictures, by the time I got to take these on Sunday it was dark and couldn't get very good light, hence having to take these in two different places using a variety of candles and fairylights to boost the brightness.

En route

Sunday, 6 November 2011

I have spent more time around Covent Garden than my home recently, last weekend my family and I celebrated my Dad's birthday there and yesterday I was up again for my mum's belated birthday. I had arranged to have her make-up done at MAC and then we went to see the Degas exhibition at the Royal Academy  which was better than I possibly imaged - I loved it, there were so many paintings that I hadn't seen and some incredible photo's too. I snapped these pictures en route, and with all good days it started with a  croissant and coffee. 
Baubles and bunting
New jewellery ideas in Les Nereides

Bits and a good burger at Bill's
Sumptuous autumn flowers

Lottie and a competition*

Thursday, 3 November 2011

I'm instantly drawn to any kind of painted distressed furniture, when I came across website Ruby Rhino  this afternoon my day took a turn for the better. This lovely dresser is called Lottie, in a rather childish way I always get a kick when something has my name on it. My wardrobe is actually painted this colour on the inside but I'd love to have a go at painting something else, thinking about it I could do with a new coffee table...
Images - Ruby Rhino

*There's a competition being held over on The House That Lars Built to win this rather good looking book. Its one of my favourite blogs, have a look and make sure you check out the super size flowers. 

Mary Katrantzou

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Urgh - the nights are dark, winters pretty much here so time to start looking forward to summer again. I keep seeing this lady popping up in magazines. I was curious to see more so have been looking at Mary Katrantzou this evening, what absolutely stunning prints! I'm always envious of people who can mash  prints and make it look effortless, if I had any of these I'd hang on my wall as art. 
Images -
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