Lovely Lace

Monday, 31 October 2011

I realise that this necklace is the opposite of Halloween, all pretty and lacey but I don't have anything scary to post. Facebook tells me most people had some kind of party involving fake blood this weekend but I spent the weekend asleep and doing housey things. 

Instead I thought I'd show my latest make. I'm a bit behind on my giving of birthday presents, so I'm glad I finally got round to making this for my oldest friend (old as in known the longest, not as in years) for her 30th birthday. She's one of the most amazing people I know, she has been through so many horrid things yet never loses her sense of humor or feels sorry for herself. I wanted to make something that was just for her to enjoy -  here's to another 30 years, which is quite a scary thought in itself. 

Made from a mix of vintage and freshwater pearls, printed ribbon and lace


Saturday, 29 October 2011

I'm an equal opportunities shopper - I buy most things I come across. Books however, are a particular weakness, I like to buy a new one each pay day. There's something about an Amazon parcel arriving on my desk that makes me get a bit over excited. I don't usually buy reading books I like books that teach me something new or make me want to go on a adventure. These books I have been buying recently have been doing just that: My Heart Wanders, Handmade Weddings, Queen of Crafts and The Stylists Guide to New York. As its so grey and drizzly outside I think its a perfect day to hide on the sofa with a duvet and read them all.

Friendship bracelets

Thursday, 27 October 2011

When I was at uni we were taught about customers being cash rich and time poor, by now we all presumed we would be in this position (ahh the naivety of youth). Sadly, as we ebb closer to our thirties we are no closer to being cash rich but we are most definitely time poor. 

I think that growing older has made me value time more than ever, its so hard to find quality time to catch up with friends these days - conversations are snatched on the bus, emails are reduced to a few sentences. I was so touched when one of my best friends drew a little shoe for me (if I was a shoe this is what I would look like), we might not talk on a nightly basis anymore but  it was such a lovely gesture, I framed it straight away. I was making these bracelets at the weekend so have sent her one in return, I hope she likes. 

Phew - nearly the weekend!

This afternoon

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

This afternoon I went to the best meeting I have ever been to, mainly because there wasn't much focus on the content. The PA team I work with had our quarterly meeting at the Museum of Brands, it was brilliant, its a museum full of all branded products dating back over 100 years, it sounds a bit strange but its definitely worth a trip. My favourites were from the Victorian era, all the bottles are so pretty, I took a few sneaky pictures (see above and below). 

The other good thing about this trip was its location, its nestled in the heart of west London next to the Temperley HQ, I spied many gorgeous numbers, I had my nose pressed to the window to get a good look and had to be dragged away by my colleagues. I also spotted the Pippa Small studio, I couldn't see the product but the inside looked very cosy, I looked them up online when I got home and have put a few of my favourite pieces below, Dan of you're reading any would be nice for Christmas. 

Museum images taken by me (on the sly)
Jewellery Images - Pippa Small


Sunday, 23 October 2011

I think its a combination of being stuck inside and reading (some what obsessively) this blog all week, I decided to get a bit of black and white going on in my bedroom. I have had this fabric for a while now, it's from Ikea and was pretty cheap but I loved the bird print. This make takes hour tops and most of that is finding the right colour thread and some hand stitching.
To start measure your cushion pads (mine were 42cm). I wanted the covers to fit snugly so cut 4 squares 42cm x 42cm. Take two squares and put right sides together. Sew three of the sides, when you get to the fourth side sew about 2/3rds of the way up and back stitch. Turn the right way round make sure the corners are pushed out, stuff the cushion pad into the cover and then hand stitch the opening closed. Repeat all of the above for the second cushion. Its really that easy, but gives a great result. 
There are so many different variations you could do - it makes my head buzz with possibilities.
Sorry for the dark photo's my bedroom doesn't get much light. 

Well shell

Saturday, 22 October 2011

I have been sick this week and have made a dent in the sofa where I have been sitting down so much. I'm starting to feel better so took the opportunity this morning to go for a walk on the beach. I went early to avoid any crowds, the tide was out so it had a great salty sea smell. The mud isn't the most picturesque       view but with the tide out I was able to find the most gorgeous shells, they look like oysters or maybe they're mussels - I'm not sure? Anyway, I filled my pockets and brought them home, I think they look so lovely all lined up. 

Black and White

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Images - Stylizimo
I love colour, that goes without saying but when I see a beautiful black and white room I want to change everything around and make it all simple. I have been off work this week with a chest infection so have had a bit of time to explore blog-land. My new favourite home blog is, Stylizimo*, its gorgeous and so refreshing. I love how Nina makes black and white look cozy and inviting rather than stark and cold. I can't recommend it enough, there are some great DIY's too.  

All images  - Stylizimo
*Warning - you will become addicted 


Monday, 17 October 2011

Sketch book images
I made these earrings about a year ago and haven't really worn them as much as I should have. They took me a couple of evenings to put together as the links are made by hand and its quite a time consuming process. I had forgotten how much I loved them so thought I'd give them their own dedicated  post. I was inspired by a black and white Parisian hotel room I had seen and the tassels I saw in the souks of Marrakech. 

New Shoes

Sunday, 16 October 2011

I'm really trying hard to not buy new things, its a tricky habit to break but I'm slowly getting there. I did fall off the wagon a little bit last week by buying two pairs of boots from Kurt Geiger - one pair was needed the other not so much but they were both on sale so thats ok. I did spend the week deliberating on whether to take a pair back but decided to wear them to my friends engagement party instead. 

You're looking at  - Boots - Kurt Geiger, Jeans - True Religion, Blouse - Warehouse, Coco Mademoiselle perfume, Essie - Mink Muffs polish and hand made earrings.

Mid-week make

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I had a choice tonight; go to pilates or make something. I made something, this is quick and easy and perfect if you feel like a mid-week make. I brought the beaded "bib" from a newly discovered trimmings shop on Noel Street it's next to The Silk Society (the best fabric shop in the world in my opinion) and was relatively cheap at £5, you get lots of jewels for your money. Here's how to make:
You need a beaded motif, bondaweb, some leather or pleather, 2 x 18cm length of chain, lobster clasp and ring and 4 jump rings.
Roughly cut round your shape, then trace the shape onto your bondaweb and your leather and cut out. Using a hot iron and pressing cloth fuse the bonaweb and leather and then the leather and the beaded shape. Cut round the shape close to the edge make sure you don't cut the beading.
Fasten the lobster clasp to one end of the pieces of chain and the ring to the other. Make a small hole about 0.5cm from the edge of the motif (in the same place on both sides) thread the jump rings through and add the chain, thats it! 

Photographed on some of my favourite pages of this months Lula magazine (I'm in love with the Jason Wu dress in the top picture) and a close up of the beading.

Two pound treasures

Sunday, 9 October 2011

I have a real weakness for a vintage shoe, vintage clothes don't do much for me but shoes have me whipping out my purse quicker than the speed of light. I was on the hunt for a brooch for a project I have brewing but found these £2 beauties instead.

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