My Necklace takes a trip

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

This is my last Valencia post and here I am at the City of Arts and Science or Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias. The buildings and layout of the complex are pretty amazing, the buildings slowly creep up on you forming the most incredible shapes against the blue sky. I thought it was a good place to take a few snaps of a necklace I made a couple of weeks ago, I tried to post before I went away but it just didn't look right. I wasn't sure about this when I made it, but after wearing all week I have changed my mind and have now become quite fond. I brought the central button at a flea market in Barcelona and made the "nest" out of a mix of vintage beads and old wire - I think it liked going home! 

You're looking at  the City of Arts and Science and a few shots of the beach

A trip to Valencia

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Last week I was had a wonderful week exploring Valencia and seeing the mythical sun! It was great to be able to have time exploring the city, sunbathing on the beach and not rushing around trying to do a million different things. What I loved about Valencia was its laid back atmosphere, crumbly buildings and amazing food. I have come back feeling totally refreshed and dare I say it, ready for winter

There were so many incredible tapas bars and deli's - my favourite dish was Patas con Gorgonzola

Each street housed an treasure - a beautiful carving, rusty key hole (this was on a huge door) or a luminous fountain

The central food market was one of my places - I went round squeezing alot of the produce, it was all so fresh and mouth-watering, even the lettuce! We tried the local delicacy Horchata, I thought it was just something Vampire Weekend sung about, turns out its a milk made from tiger nuts - who knew? It was tasty especially when eaten with a Farton. I love a good bit of Spanish packaging, the fonts, the illustrations, the colours are always so striking and detailed. 


Monday, 12 September 2011

Whilst I realise that four tomatoes don't quite make a full "harvest, I have never grown a plant that a) has survived longer than a week and b) you can eat. I have to say it's most satisfying and makes me feel like Greenclaws (if you remember him?!). I think I'm going to try growing a nice bit of mint or basil next. 

They look and taste rather delicious

Family Weekend

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Last week was most uninspiring, I don't think that I saw anything that got the creative juices flowing. It is just as well I have an extremely creative family as this weekend I was able to enjoy being their homes and looking at all their lovely things. My cousin is a fabulous florist so can make any garden big or small look  amazing (see above - I love wild looking flowers). My mum's cousin is an interior designer and has nothing horrid in her house, we moved there for party number two and made the most the indian headdress and the live band. 
I channeled all my creative energies into wrapping my three year old nieces birthday present. 

One of the many cushion/bits on display - this photo doesn't do it justice!

The headdress in motion! 
Hanging out with my Dad - I'm wearing my DIY Turband 
Another snap shot of the good bits on display

Ribbon Bow Bracelet

Sunday, 4 September 2011

This is a really easy make that I put together. All you need is some thickish patterned ribbon (I brought mine from Atelier Millinery - which is fab) a bit of leather, bondaweb and some jewellery findings (try BeadWorks for similar). 

To make - cut a length of ribbon the same circumference as your wrist. Cut a piece of bondaweb and leather the same length width as the ribbon band. Using a hot iron and a pressing cloth fuse the bonaweb to the ribbon and then the ribbon to the leather. 

To make the bow cut another piece of ribbon and make a circle shape fusing the ends with some more bondaweb. Get a thin piece of ribbon and tie tightly in the centre creating a bow shape. Fasten to the centre of the band with a few stitches.  

To join mark and push through a jump ring and chain at one end of the band and lobster clasp at the other. 

I'll be wearing mine with sequins and emerald jewels. 

Spot On

Image - Vogue (2009)
You know something is on trend when you have conversations about it by the coffee machine. This last couple of weeks the topic of spots (and I don't mean the ones that have taken up residence on my face) have been popping up all over the place. The general consensus is that the minute you put your old spotty items in the charity bag you have to fish them out again as they come back into fashion - usually every two years. 

I'm not one for being a slave to trends, I like to buy what suits etc etc. but some reason I always get pulled in by spots. The last time this happened it was two years ago and fell for a £50 white silk scarf, I told myself it was a classic and all that stuff, but to be honest haven't really worn it. So whilst this opportunity of being on trend without having to buy something new is here I'm getting as much wear out  of it as I possibly can. 

Scarf - Reiss

I've been wearing with Indian bracelets and simple t-shirts
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