Kate Spade comes to town

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Image -www.thedailynewcanaan.com
(Not the actual London store but as close as I could find)

Did anyone know know that Kate Spade was opening in the UK? I walked past the newly opened Covent Garden store this evening, lured in by all the beautiful shiney things. Product aside the store itself  is an (my) interiors dream, all black and white with loads of bright colours and interesting "bits" to look at. I need to find a way to get the extra large roses into my flat, as well as all the sofas and the hot pink chair by the fitting room...

Its been open a week and I recommend taking a trip, even if you don't buy anything you'll take inspiration away by the very nice leather bag load. 

I thought these shoes were pretty special, one for play and one for work. 

Images - Kate Spade

Prints Charming

Monday, 29 August 2011

...Well I do when its a bank holiday! I have just seen these rather amusing prints on here on Etsy, its hard to pick a favourite. 


Sunday, 28 August 2011

I was talking to my friend about blogs and bloggers. She was saying how there are girls in her office in New York who blog and how sickly she sometimes finds them. I have to admit that I read alot of US blogs and whilst I find them hugely inspirational the fact that everything is so perfect can sometimes get too much - I do wonder how they have the time (and not to mention money) to have perfect outfits and perfect homes. 

Like never being "cool" I know that I will never be slick or polished, so instead of worrying I'm just embracing things that make me smile. Here's me wearing my favourite red jeans (a size too big as my size wasn't available) and my best ballet pumps, the jewels might be falling off and the satin all dirty but I love them all the same. 

A Rainbow Weekend

 On Friday as I was leaving the gym there was the most beautiful rainbow arching over The Strand. I know that rainbows can be a bit sickly but I loved how this one seemed so serene amidst the chaos of Friday night rush hour. Since I have been seeing (and wearing) rainbows everywhere.

You're looking at  - A feather headband made for my friends birthday party and a my current favourite selection of jewels. 

The Shop Floor Project

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

It seems like everyone's on holiday this week, the office is feeling particularly quiet. During a lull in organising meetings I had a browse on this website. I love The Shop Floor Project, its not often on-line shops make you feel like you are actually there. These gorgeous pieces by Elinor Voytal immediately caught my eye, they're so colourful and so intriacte - they cheered up my raining morning no end. 


There are some other fab jewellery designers on the site; I was mesmerised/slightly freaked out by the earrings made from beetle wings - have a look.

Summer Flower Garland

Sunday, 21 August 2011

My intention was to post wedding inspiration round up as I have seen so many great ideas recently   however, my internet is not playing this evening. So instead I'm posting a DIY that I did at the beginning summer (before I started my blog), It's a really simple flower garland that I used at my engagement party to spruce up the gazebo. It seems like the right night to post as we're heading towards the last bank holiday of the summer (sob sob) and there's the most beautiful summer sunset this evening.

Here's the link to the tutorial and blog that I used as my guide/inspiration. If you have as many scraps and bits as I do its a good way to use them all up.

Choose your fabrics & ribbon 
Some ribbon flowers - I brought these in India on a work trip 
 The cut leaves
Circles to make additional flowers
Close up of the finished design
The great thing about this is that you can't really go wrong, I used my first lot of flowers but felt like the garland needed a few more so added more as I went along.

Wishful thinking

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Image - Zara 

As I have spent all my money this month I have had to revert to wishful spending, whilst I admit its not as satisfying as buying an actual item its doing the job for the time being. I saw these shoes in the window of Zara, and if I had had the money I would have made a little purchase. You see there is a story behind this...a few years ago my friend and I saw the most amazing pair of emerald vintage shoes in a charity shop they didn't fit either of us but she brought them anyway (she was designing shoes at the time) since that day I have been looking out for a pair, these would have fitted the bill perfectly. As I'm in a daydreaming mood I would have teamed them with this gorgeous Miu Miu dress - I'll just have to make do with an illustration until New Look do a version. 

You're looking at  - Dress Miu Miu, Illustration, Shoes Zara 

Autumn's coming

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ribbon ready for jewellery making

There's been a definite nip in the air this week, and I've already seen a few leaves turning gold. Whilst I've been able to enjoy some dinners outside in the evening sun, autumn feels like its just around the corner and in preparation I've been enjoying the rich plum shades that autumn brings. 


You're looking at; Jewel like plums, an autumn ready dress, Orly Plum Noir nail polish (It lasted 6 days without chipping) and ombre gladioli's 

Love This!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I love Mulberry, I love travel and I love leopard. My heart just stopped when I saw this - we'd be very happy together!

DIY Turband

Monday, 8 August 2011

Image - Free People

When my friend emailed to say she was having a hat party for her birthday I naturally got over excited. My love of headwear goes back to childhood and so I welcome any opportunity to put a hairband on. My first thought was "I'm going to wear a turban!' but on doing my research I came across a feathered beauty which I'm going to make instead. Whilst I wait for my feathers to arrive I decided to have a go at making a Turband, there are loads of ideas out there my favorite sites are Free People and Honestly...WTF (see here and here). I've put my own DIY below

Step 1 - Measure your head from ear to ear (or measure and existing hairband) 
Step 2 - Choose your fabric. I recommend silk or something natural to avoid getting static hair
Step 3- Cut your two strips of fabric -I did mine 12cm x 54cm

Step 4 - Turn right sides together and stitch 1cm from edge
Step 5 - Turn back the right way a press so seam is in the centre
Step 6 - Press over 1cm on narrow edge & twist band together
Step 7 - Lay bands on top of each other over lapping in at the centre seam and stitch together
Step 8 - Fold edge again to form a channel and stitch again
Step 9 - Thread elastic through the channels and secure tightly (I used about 50 cm of elastic) 

The finished band 

Lighten up

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Images  - Lula & Easy Living Magazine 

In an ideal world I would have chucked out my sofas a looooong time ago - they are cream leather and pretty gross. But being such a big expense I've spent the last couple of years covering them up instead.  I had a Moroccan throw and jeweled coloured cushions but it'd been feeling a bit dark so decided to lighten things up.

To get inspired I got my books out - I can't recommend Decorate enough
Went through my magazines

Images - Anthology & Easy Living magazine and Decorate

I wanted to go for sherbet shades, natural touches and embroidered cushions for texture

Here's a snap shot of my new throws and cushions all from Home Sense .

Feeling Blue

Saturday, 6 August 2011

I've had a very sad week, my beloved hamster died on Sunday. He was such a lovely little thing he used to wait at his cage door for me to come home and get so excited when I called his name to let him out. It goes without saying I miss him dreadfully - it's funny how such a small creature can leave such a big gap in your life. Anyway, to keep myself busy I've made about 400 biscuits which I've been working my way through (next week back to the gym) and befriended any other animal that I've come into contact with. 

On a happier note Dan & I took our parents to see our wedding venue - its even better than I remembered!  The photo above is me hanging around one of the ponds. I'm so excited but I really need to step up the planning. We had a lovely rest of day wandering around Lavenham; Lunch at The Swan,  nosing in art galleries and taking lots of photos of the incredible wonky old buildings. 

You're looking at  - a very old timber beam, a gorgeous glass of red, nice lights, a lovely ladybird, a cat I befriended, a whale made of scrap metal, a butterfly having a rest and another old building. 
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