Forever Frocks

Sunday, 31 July 2011

For the first time in along time it felt like a true summer weekend. My friends and I all got together and celebrated a birthday outside in a proper London park. It was particularly special as we don't all get together that often as we live all over the UK and some the other side of the Atlantic. We all got our best summer frocks on and laughed long into the evening. 

I decided to wear my new summer dress brought a few weeks ago in Birmingham. Its from Forever 21 which I am so excited to hear is opening in London this week (I know where my wages will be going from now on). I love how whimsical and slightly vintage it looks hanging against my window.

Button back
I also wore handmade earrings
and all my other summer favourites 
Belt Anthropologie, Glasses - Luella

Initial Idea

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I probably think about things I can make, 20 times a day. I suffer from too many ideas but not enough time - a hazard for a chaotic mind. Quite often my making time quota is used for commissions. I can't complain because its from these requests that I get brand new ideas that I'm sure I wouldn't have dreamt up on my own. 

I made this necklace for a colleague who wanted it as an engagement present, its the couples initials in a "cameo". Considering I made it up as went along, it turned out much better than I planned and its gone straight to the top of my make list. 

Sun and Sea

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Considering I live over looking the sea I rarely spend anytime at the beach. I had a long overdue catch up with one of my oldest friends today and we actually went and spent a bit of time eating ice cream and walking on the beach - it was such a great way to spend the morning, and what made it even better was the sun was shining (at last!) 

Gorgeous coloured ice-cream scoops

Towering cornet cones

Scrummy local ice-cream

Rossi's a local landmark

A blue sky

Windmills blowing in the wind

Same again

There isn't much that'll make me go to Oxford Street, especially twice in a week (no, not even Topshop).  Last week I had a major wedding break through my dream shoes were on sale, half price. I had walked past the heavenly Charlotte Olympia in April and saw them in the window, it was love at first site and I had been googling them on a weekly basis ever since. So off I went Thursday afternoon in the rain to try  them, I could only try as I had left my purse at home - error!  So back I went  on Friday and purchased the shoes which I think will actually change my life. They need their own special post so I'm holding back for now. 

Anyway, the only other reason that gets me to Oxford Street and the whole point of this post is my other love Anthropologie . It never fails to inspire me, even if I don't buy anything I always come away with loads of ideas. Luckily for me its sale time and I had a voucher left from Christmas, I needed a new belt so brought this fab beaded and leather number and already worn it so I think it's the start of a long friendship! 

The second gem I discovered was Anthology magazine, I had been reading about this online and have been trying to get hold of a copy, there it was just waiting for me. 

My third purchase was another grey t-shirt, I have a growing obsession with grey t-shirts.

Internet inspiration

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Today has been a very blah day and i'm feeling most uninspired. Its on days like this I dream of leaving office work and having my own little place where I make stuff all day, no clock watching just me and a whole loads of beads. When I get like this I take 10 mins and have a look round the internet to see what everyone else is upto. 

I came across The Makers Project via Pia Jane Bijerk's blog. I love this blog - it's one of the first places I go when I want to see beautiful inspiring things. I have just ordered her new book which should be arriving next week which I can't wait to read. 

Image  - Twigs and Honey

Whilst I was looking for general inspiration, I had a look for a bit of wedding inspiration too. I love this site for all the girly glittery accessories. Its all hand made and what I love is that it started as a labour of love rather than a business plan. Read Myra's blog as she share's her excitement at being Etsy's featured seller. 

Sometimes just reading about people who make their dreams a reality is enough to give me new ideas and gives me the push I need to try new things -you never know where you'll will end up...

Not In Fest

Sunday, 17 July 2011

It seems like absolutely everyone I know is in a field this weekend at some kind of festival. Whilst I was invited to go I turned down my invite as I am trying to be "good" with money at the moment. Initially I regretted this decision but as I have spent the day under a duvet watching the rain and planning a trip to Spain I'm not feeling too bad now. However to get in the spirit of things I have been accessorising my pajama's with these beaded bracelets I made.

Ok - this rose has nothing to do with festivals but smells so incredible its like having the outside inside. 

All Things Oriental

It was very exciting at work on Friday - we had Japan Day; there were Geisha's, sushi chefs and sake ceremony's at lunch. They were giving out these lucky charms too; you're meant to colour in the right eye and make a wish, when the wish comes true you colour in the other one, I've kept mine in its packet so far as I think its too nice to spoil. I don't know if it was because Japan was in the air, but when I was having a little browse online at Topshop I fell in love with this gorgeous clutch - see here. Alas, I'm on a shopping ban this month so instead I've been to the back of my cupboards and found my favourite oriental inspired pieces. 

Picture - Couson Macleod Jacket - Whistles 

Beautiful Orchid's that were an engagement  gift 

Enamel earrings I made last year 

Petal Pink

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

In between my severely delayed train, watching the The Apprentice and going to see the Tracey Emin exhibition (which is brilliant) I was asked to make a corsage. It was for a 16 year old to give to his girlfriend when he took her to prom - cute! Initially I was going to say no but his sweet romantic gesture got the better of me and I agreed. The brief was she's very small and likes pink. Whilst there were a lot of different ways I could have gone I didn't have much time. I made this rustic flower out of a mix of pale pink silks and cream tulle with a combination of pink jewels, crystals and pearls in the centre, I had fallen in love with it myself by the time I had finished.

Sparkley centre

Soft ballet layers

Wrist ready

Best Dress

As my blog is still in its early days i'm not entirely sure of what direction its going to take. I read some really inspiring fashion blogs but I have to be honest I'm sometimes a bit lazy at dressing up day-to-day (I partly blame the weather). I don't think it'll be all fashion but as I do have a degree and an interest in clothes there'll be a few posts. 

Another thing I read, was the key to a successful blog was having lots of photos of yourself and a handy person to take the pictures, the problem I have with this is one; I hate having my picture taken and two; the only regular person who could take my photo is my boyfriend and he doesn't always take the best photos (sorry Dan). BUT last Saturday a strange thing happened not only did my hair/outfit go to plan, there was one rare shot that Dan took and I looked OK - it had to be recorded. 

So here I am wearing my favourite dress, its flattering and always makes me looked pulled together with little effort - maybe if I had more dresses like this there'd be more photo's?! 

 Dress -H&M, Belt -Ted Baker, Shoes - Zara

I love the pretty confetti colours 

Shiny shoes

Greige, lime and some muted sparkle... of my favourite combinations 

A few little details

Simple Sparkle

Monday, 4 July 2011

I love colour; yellow, turquoise, pink, red my list goes on and on. However, sometimes, a single shade or tone can be so striking you don't need any others. When I went to visit my sisters degree show I feel in love with this iridescent chandelier that her housemates made from a thousand pieces of shaped acrylic. If I had the money (and the space) I'd have brought it on the spot. Next time I'm near a bead shop I'm going buy a large selection of same colour beads and create something simply spectacular.

Emma Yeo

image from Emma Yeo

Since I got engaged I've been to two wedding fairs; both on the worlds hottest days and both quite traumatic. The first I still can't talk about; the sales methods employed were worse than a Marrakech souk. The second, my best friend had kindly agreed to come along to (its best to have safety in numbers when going to these things!) After dodging someone we went to college with, we came across the most wonderful stand showing the most fascinating and intricate head pieces from an up and coming designer called Emma Yeo. Each head piece was its own work of art, delicately lasercut from wood. Beautiful doesn't seem strong enough they were all so amazing -I haven't stopped thinking about them. Take at look at Emma's website, it's simply gorgeous.

Columbia Road

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Columbia Road was somewhere I had on my "places to visit" list for ages, I finally got round to going a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly inspired by all the wonderful flowers and bits of stuff on display. There's the obvious East London mix of people trying to be cool but if you ignore that it's a great Sunday activity (aside from lying in bed all day).  I love flowers and taking photo's of flowers so was in my element for the morning plus there were loads of cake shops en route another must when rating a day out.


Saturday, 2 July 2011

One of the highlights of my week is getting a copy of Stylist magazine, as an avid magazine reader it's great to not only get a magazine for free but also to have something to read which is completely relevant to what's happening in life. I've been engrossed in a book this week so didn't get a chance to read my copy until later on. It was worth the wait, it was all about Paris, one of my most favourite cities. After reading I jumped on my laptop and had a look through all my Paris photos and had a good old reminisce. 

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