Tinsel Trading Company

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

This is a pretty apt shop to talk about at Christmas time, the Tinsel Trading Company was the first shop on my list when I was in New York. I heard about it via this book and swore (not literally) that the next time I was there it'd be the first place I'd visit. True to my word I skipped up 5th Avenue, I would have run but was feeling a little delicate, to my idea of bead heaven. I could definitely hear an "ah haa" when I walked through the door. Floor to ceiling walls of ribbons and flowers, some old some new, it was sensory overload - I didn't know where to start. I did a few laps until I found the jackpot table, hundreds of packets of vintage beads all in their original paper packets, I think I spent nearly an hour rooting through and discovering hidden treasures. Here are just a few of my finds, I cannot wait to start making pieces up using these little beauties.
Vintage cigar tubes filled with tiny gems
I love how these mirrored pieces pick up different colours
These were the most expensive - but by far my favourite
A pretty mix of flowers and leaves
There's something magical about the old style packaging


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