Christmas chain earrings

Thursday, 22 December 2011

I completely forgot about these (a sure sign of having too much stuff). I made them last year for a work christmas party, as I've moved jobs since then, I thought I'd give them their yearly outing. I can't remember the exact making process but it went something like this; I made circles out of wire and then wrapped the chain around. I cut a length of wire,  threaded over the circle and through a central bead then looped the chain and beaded as desired. As usual I made up as I went along but they do make me want to make some more earrings, good job I have a few ideas brewing away...


  1. Merry Christmas! I love these, are they heavy on your ears? Where do you get the chain from? I did a silver jewellery course the other day, did soldering and sawing and stuff, loved it!

  2. Merry Christmas - I hope you had a good one, I'm still eating!!! These are quite heavy I can't jump too much when I wear them. I got the chain from a BA sample sale, i just took an old necklace apart. Your course sounds great where did you do it? Will you be making more stuff now? xx

  3. Ah see there is a reason why I should go to those sample sales! I did it here:

    Hopefully will make some stuff in the new year, I need to invest in some more tools. Metal is really expensive though right now isnt it, so I cant make too many mistakes!!


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