New York

Friday, 25 November 2011

It feels like ages ago now, but last weekend I visited friends in New York. I know its a cliche but I heart  New York, like Paris, it's a city that never gets boring. In fact once you've got the tourist stuff out the way you can really get to know the city. I didn't take many photos which is unusual but was so busy catching up with friends, eating and erm, shopping that I forgot! I could write a lengthy post on the food that I ate, It was all amazing, one morning I actually woke up thinking about the lobster mac'n'cheese I'd eaten the night before and don't even get me started on the Mexican food, I'll add the link once i've remembered the name. Here are some of the few photo's I took, they are from the Greenwich Village area, which is my favourite area to explore. 
First photo - Tree lined streets near Bleeker Street
Above - Pulled pork hash at Jeffery's
Cute heart shaped chair I spotted through a window


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