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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I have been meaning to write a wedding update post for a while but every time I start it just doesn't feel right. I think when you first start planning a wedding it's so over whelming you buy magazine's, get busy on blogs and get loads of advice from those that have already been there, but its gets too much and you freak out (well I do). My opinion is that it's your day (you and your fiance) so make it reflect that. Dan and I are completely different in some ways; I like to chatter on whilst he's happy to be quiet, Dan likes cycling, I refuse to get on a bike, I love DIY, Dan doesn't. Of course there are lots of things we like jointly; pets, laughing and dancing being the main ones. In celebration of our similarities and differences we have split our wedding jobs on the things that we love the most; I get to do the colours and Dan gets to do music, other big jobs such a choosing the venue and organising the caterers we've done together which reflects how our relationship works for us.

I thought I'd share some of my colour inspiration, my sister sent me a link to this artist. It pretty much shows all the colours that I am thinking of using, they're not twee or sickly and yes, there's more than three but I love love love them all so they're going to be used somewhere! 

Images - Lara Harwood


  1. I am newly engaged and i know the feeling. Also keep wanting to post wedding ideas on my blog but when it comes down to it i just dont know where to start! i love the colours that you are thinking of going with, beaut!


  2. Ahh thanks ladies!

    Congratulations Molly! Its so much fun planning a wedding, just go with what feels right and enjoy yourself. I look forward to seeing your plans as they come along. x


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