This afternoon

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

This afternoon I went to the best meeting I have ever been to, mainly because there wasn't much focus on the content. The PA team I work with had our quarterly meeting at the Museum of Brands, it was brilliant, its a museum full of all branded products dating back over 100 years, it sounds a bit strange but its definitely worth a trip. My favourites were from the Victorian era, all the bottles are so pretty, I took a few sneaky pictures (see above and below). 

The other good thing about this trip was its location, its nestled in the heart of west London next to the Temperley HQ, I spied many gorgeous numbers, I had my nose pressed to the window to get a good look and had to be dragged away by my colleagues. I also spotted the Pippa Small studio, I couldn't see the product but the inside looked very cosy, I looked them up online when I got home and have put a few of my favourite pieces below, Dan of you're reading any would be nice for Christmas. 

Museum images taken by me (on the sly)
Jewellery Images - Pippa Small


  1. if you like pretty bottles, I recommend this stuff! its pretty tasty too.

  2. Hmmmmm, this looks good- i'm so getting myself some. How's everything with you? x

  3. ah same old, looking forward to the weekend, last day in the Rum warehouse today! x


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