Paper clip cats

Thursday, 6 October 2011

I love love love stationery shops, my very first job was even in a stationery shop. To my great delight I have discovered a new one, its called Prints International and is located just off St Christopher's Place - it's soooo good. The notebooks, photo albums, etc are all colour co-ordinated and it has that wonderful paper smell - hmmmm.  I was talking to the sales assistant and he explained thats its a Japanese/Swedish store and this is the first to be opened in the UK. Its more expensive than Paperchase but definitely worth it, I'm totally addicted.

I couldn't resist these cat shaped paper clips (they have other animals) I didn't know such a wonder existed. I was showing my friend over dinner and the ladies at the next table even had a look - not only do they make organising more fun but they can make you friends too! 
Crazy Cats
A navy marker - makes a change from black
Washi tape - I've had my eye out for this for ages at £3 a roll it's the cheapest I've found
The complete stash 


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