Indian Summer

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I've seen loads of dip dye projects on various blogs over the summer (like this one) and had been dying (sorry, couldn't resist!) to have a go. I wasn't until I saw these that I knew what I could do. I thought I'd make up some dip dye bags that I intend to use for keeping my hats, gloves, tights etc during the dark winter months. I have put a loose tutorial below. 
To make the basic pattern first draw a rectangle the height & width you want. Then add a gusset (I recommend 3cm to the sides and base. Add a 1.5cm seam allowance around the whole pattern.  
Cut out a pair for each bag, sew the side seams and the base. For the corners, match the base seam to the side seam and sew across. 
Mix the dye as per the manufacturers instructions into two separate bowls. This is the best bit,  so have a play around with different techniques and combinations of dye. Once you have dyed all the pieces, rinse and then put in the wash and leave to dry.
Press the top seam allowance over and edge stitch.To make the straps I used the excess fabric and judged the width and length by eye. I made a tube and pressed the right way round and the ends over, then stitched onto the bag. Give one final press and you're good to go.
All together!
I love the summer sorbet shades


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