Lovely Lace

Monday, 31 October 2011

I realise that this necklace is the opposite of Halloween, all pretty and lacey but I don't have anything scary to post. Facebook tells me most people had some kind of party involving fake blood this weekend but I spent the weekend asleep and doing housey things. 

Instead I thought I'd show my latest make. I'm a bit behind on my giving of birthday presents, so I'm glad I finally got round to making this for my oldest friend (old as in known the longest, not as in years) for her 30th birthday. She's one of the most amazing people I know, she has been through so many horrid things yet never loses her sense of humor or feels sorry for herself. I wanted to make something that was just for her to enjoy -  here's to another 30 years, which is quite a scary thought in itself. 

Made from a mix of vintage and freshwater pearls, printed ribbon and lace


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