Friendship bracelets

Thursday, 27 October 2011

When I was at uni we were taught about customers being cash rich and time poor, by now we all presumed we would be in this position (ahh the naivety of youth). Sadly, as we ebb closer to our thirties we are no closer to being cash rich but we are most definitely time poor. 

I think that growing older has made me value time more than ever, its so hard to find quality time to catch up with friends these days - conversations are snatched on the bus, emails are reduced to a few sentences. I was so touched when one of my best friends drew a little shoe for me (if I was a shoe this is what I would look like), we might not talk on a nightly basis anymore but  it was such a lovely gesture, I framed it straight away. I was making these bracelets at the weekend so have sent her one in return, I hope she likes. 

Phew - nearly the weekend!


  1. Love my bracelet :) thank you my love! So happy you like little drawing :) x x


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