A trip to Valencia

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Last week I was had a wonderful week exploring Valencia and seeing the mythical sun! It was great to be able to have time exploring the city, sunbathing on the beach and not rushing around trying to do a million different things. What I loved about Valencia was its laid back atmosphere, crumbly buildings and amazing food. I have come back feeling totally refreshed and dare I say it, ready for winter

There were so many incredible tapas bars and deli's - my favourite dish was Patas con Gorgonzola

Each street housed an treasure - a beautiful carving, rusty key hole (this was on a huge door) or a luminous fountain

The central food market was one of my places - I went round squeezing alot of the produce, it was all so fresh and mouth-watering, even the lettuce! We tried the local delicacy Horchata, I thought it was just something Vampire Weekend sung about, turns out its a milk made from tiger nuts - who knew? It was tasty especially when eaten with a Farton. I love a good bit of Spanish packaging, the fonts, the illustrations, the colours are always so striking and detailed. 


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