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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Image - Vogue (2009)
You know something is on trend when you have conversations about it by the coffee machine. This last couple of weeks the topic of spots (and I don't mean the ones that have taken up residence on my face) have been popping up all over the place. The general consensus is that the minute you put your old spotty items in the charity bag you have to fish them out again as they come back into fashion - usually every two years. 

I'm not one for being a slave to trends, I like to buy what suits etc etc. but some reason I always get pulled in by spots. The last time this happened it was two years ago and fell for a £50 white silk scarf, I told myself it was a classic and all that stuff, but to be honest haven't really worn it. So whilst this opportunity of being on trend without having to buy something new is here I'm getting as much wear out  of it as I possibly can. 

Scarf - Reiss

I've been wearing with Indian bracelets and simple t-shirts


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