Wishful thinking

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Image - Zara 

As I have spent all my money this month I have had to revert to wishful spending, whilst I admit its not as satisfying as buying an actual item its doing the job for the time being. I saw these shoes in the window of Zara, and if I had had the money I would have made a little purchase. You see there is a story behind this...a few years ago my friend and I saw the most amazing pair of emerald vintage shoes in a charity shop they didn't fit either of us but she brought them anyway (she was designing shoes at the time) since that day I have been looking out for a pair, these would have fitted the bill perfectly. As I'm in a daydreaming mood I would have teamed them with this gorgeous Miu Miu dress - I'll just have to make do with an illustration until New Look do a version. 

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