Kate Spade comes to town

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Image -www.thedailynewcanaan.com
(Not the actual London store but as close as I could find)

Did anyone know know that Kate Spade was opening in the UK? I walked past the newly opened Covent Garden store this evening, lured in by all the beautiful shiney things. Product aside the store itself  is an (my) interiors dream, all black and white with loads of bright colours and interesting "bits" to look at. I need to find a way to get the extra large roses into my flat, as well as all the sofas and the hot pink chair by the fitting room...

Its been open a week and I recommend taking a trip, even if you don't buy anything you'll take inspiration away by the very nice leather bag load. 

I thought these shoes were pretty special, one for play and one for work. 

Images - Kate Spade


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