Feeling Blue

Saturday, 6 August 2011

I've had a very sad week, my beloved hamster died on Sunday. He was such a lovely little thing he used to wait at his cage door for me to come home and get so excited when I called his name to let him out. It goes without saying I miss him dreadfully - it's funny how such a small creature can leave such a big gap in your life. Anyway, to keep myself busy I've made about 400 biscuits which I've been working my way through (next week back to the gym) and befriended any other animal that I've come into contact with. 

On a happier note Dan & I took our parents to see our wedding venue - its even better than I remembered!  The photo above is me hanging around one of the ponds. I'm so excited but I really need to step up the planning. We had a lovely rest of day wandering around Lavenham; Lunch at The Swan,  nosing in art galleries and taking lots of photos of the incredible wonky old buildings. 

You're looking at  - a very old timber beam, a gorgeous glass of red, nice lights, a lovely ladybird, a cat I befriended, a whale made of scrap metal, a butterfly having a rest and another old building. 


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