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Monday, 8 August 2011

Image - Free People

When my friend emailed to say she was having a hat party for her birthday I naturally got over excited. My love of headwear goes back to childhood and so I welcome any opportunity to put a hairband on. My first thought was "I'm going to wear a turban!' but on doing my research I came across a feathered beauty which I'm going to make instead. Whilst I wait for my feathers to arrive I decided to have a go at making a Turband, there are loads of ideas out there my favorite sites are Free People and Honestly...WTF (see here and here). I've put my own DIY below

Step 1 - Measure your head from ear to ear (or measure and existing hairband) 
Step 2 - Choose your fabric. I recommend silk or something natural to avoid getting static hair
Step 3- Cut your two strips of fabric -I did mine 12cm x 54cm

Step 4 - Turn right sides together and stitch 1cm from edge
Step 5 - Turn back the right way a press so seam is in the centre
Step 6 - Press over 1cm on narrow edge & twist band together
Step 7 - Lay bands on top of each other over lapping in at the centre seam and stitch together
Step 8 - Fold edge again to form a channel and stitch again
Step 9 - Thread elastic through the channels and secure tightly (I used about 50 cm of elastic) 

The finished band 


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