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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Today has been a very blah day and i'm feeling most uninspired. Its on days like this I dream of leaving office work and having my own little place where I make stuff all day, no clock watching just me and a whole loads of beads. When I get like this I take 10 mins and have a look round the internet to see what everyone else is upto. 

I came across The Makers Project via Pia Jane Bijerk's blog. I love this blog - it's one of the first places I go when I want to see beautiful inspiring things. I have just ordered her new book which should be arriving next week which I can't wait to read. 

Image  - Twigs and Honey

Whilst I was looking for general inspiration, I had a look for a bit of wedding inspiration too. I love this site for all the girly glittery accessories. Its all hand made and what I love is that it started as a labour of love rather than a business plan. Read Myra's blog as she share's her excitement at being Etsy's featured seller. 

Sometimes just reading about people who make their dreams a reality is enough to give me new ideas and gives me the push I need to try new things -you never know where you'll will end up...


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