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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

As my blog is still in its early days i'm not entirely sure of what direction its going to take. I read some really inspiring fashion blogs but I have to be honest I'm sometimes a bit lazy at dressing up day-to-day (I partly blame the weather). I don't think it'll be all fashion but as I do have a degree and an interest in clothes there'll be a few posts. 

Another thing I read, was the key to a successful blog was having lots of photos of yourself and a handy person to take the pictures, the problem I have with this is one; I hate having my picture taken and two; the only regular person who could take my photo is my boyfriend and he doesn't always take the best photos (sorry Dan). BUT last Saturday a strange thing happened not only did my hair/outfit go to plan, there was one rare shot that Dan took and I looked OK - it had to be recorded. 

So here I am wearing my favourite dress, its flattering and always makes me looked pulled together with little effort - maybe if I had more dresses like this there'd be more photo's?! 

 Dress -H&M, Belt -Ted Baker, Shoes - Zara

I love the pretty confetti colours 

Shiny shoes

Greige, lime and some muted sparkle... of my favourite combinations 

A few little details


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