All Things Oriental

Sunday, 17 July 2011

It was very exciting at work on Friday - we had Japan Day; there were Geisha's, sushi chefs and sake ceremony's at lunch. They were giving out these lucky charms too; you're meant to colour in the right eye and make a wish, when the wish comes true you colour in the other one, I've kept mine in its packet so far as I think its too nice to spoil. I don't know if it was because Japan was in the air, but when I was having a little browse online at Topshop I fell in love with this gorgeous clutch - see here. Alas, I'm on a shopping ban this month so instead I've been to the back of my cupboards and found my favourite oriental inspired pieces. 

Picture - Couson Macleod Jacket - Whistles 

Beautiful Orchid's that were an engagement  gift 

Enamel earrings I made last year 


  1. That Whistles jacket is amazing!

  2. Thanks Grace - I've never worn it because I don't want to spoil it! Thanks for being my loyal follower too xx


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